Saturday, February 26, 2011

Word of the Day

Tyson's phone has an app for Webster's Dictionary where he can look up the "Word of the Day". Lately he's been reading it out loud when the family is all around.

The other day the word was "Snaffle: To obtain especially by devious or irregular means. I snaffled the last cookie."

I stole Tyson's phone earlier that day and read the word to Eden. She didn't seem to be paying too much attention.

Later on in the day:

Tyson: "Want to hear the word of the day?"
Me: "Oh, I already read it to Eden. Its...umm...snuffle or something."
Tyson: "The word is...."
Eden: "I snaffled the last cookie!"

She WAS listening! That was the example sentence they gave in the app. I can't believe how good that girl's memory is.

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