Friday, October 29, 2010


Leila says "Mom". But I don't know if it really counts cause she may just know how to form those sounds and not really calling for me.

But I like to pretend that she's calling for me. :)

Sitting Up

Leila's been doing really well lately at sitting up with little support. She'll of course fall forward and backwards after awhile, but overall, she's doing pretty good!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monster Apples and Mummy Dogs

Today Eden and I made a "Halloween lunch". We made monster apples (cut out a mouth, filled with peanut butter, added marshmallow teeth, raisin eyes, and coconut hair) and mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in strips of croissant rolls).

When she saw the mummy dogs come out of the oven I pretend to have it "walk" to her plate. She laughed and said,

"Lazarus is not dead anymore!"

Rolling Over

Today Leila rolled over (for ME this time) from her front to back AND her back to front! She's definitely starting to realize the possibilities that come from rolling. Cause I think she's really trying to do it more to reach anything and everything!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Daddy's Doctor Stuff

Tyson pulled out some of his doctor stuff to show Eden. They pulled out the otoscope to look in each other's ears.

Eden looks in Tyson's ear....

"Daddy. I think you have a booger in your ear."

Ear wax....booger....close enough.


No matter how hard I try to change her mind or get her to forget about it....Eden keeps insisting that I should be a snake for Halloween.

I can't get myself to do it.

Going to the Museum

After going to the WWI museum a little while back (which, thanks to her Snoopy book, she calls the World War 1 Flying Ace museum) she's been really into talking about the museum.

Obviously the impression the museum gave....

(Playing with dolls)
"Let's go to the museum"
(Pretends to have them walk somewhere)
"OH! Look at all the GUNS!"

But then she extended her museums....

I was working on some sewing projects and she came into the room with some of her dolls.

"We're going to the sewing museum!"
(Puts her dolls on my sewing basket full of stuff)
(Has a doll be a "guide")
"This is thread."
"This is a needle."

Except she had to ask me what the name was of most of the other "thimble", "bobbins", etc. Then I'd tell her what it was called and she'd continue the tour and tell her dolls.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Eden's quite the complimenter (and good at sucking up to her mother).

Recent compliments:

"Mom, you look so beautiful today!"
"You look SO lovely."
"You're a good mommy."
"Good job mommy!"

and then add in the occasional....

"Mom, I love you so much!"

(These are the times that make it worth it to be a mother.)

Doll Role Play

This is how Eden plays with her dolls recently....

"Daddy, you going to school today?"
"Yeah, I gotta go to school."
"Daddy, are you taking the car?"
"But I need the car today to go to Foods Festival (our local grocery store)."

This just goes to show how often Tyson and I have this conversation as well as gives a reminder that we need to be REALLY careful what we say around the house cause she's listening!


Eden has a book that she loves called My Amazing Body.

(This on its own has been funny because she often will say things like "mommy has an amazing body" and I just smile and think "well thank you Eden!")

She also has a beanie baby ghost that she loves, especially now that its Halloween time.

When she woke up from nap today I could hear her her ghost (which she calls Ghost-y).

"Hi Ghost-y.
I have an amazing body.
This is my amazing body.
But you don't have an amazing body
because you're a ghost-y."

A Rough Few Days

Eden's into "testing her limits". If I tell her not to do something or she knows she's not supposed to do something, then she'll often look straight at me AND DO IT. The punk.

A little list of examples (I'm sure there are more):
  • Swallowing toothpaste
  • Dumping water out on the floor or other places
  • Spitting
  • Saying "NO!"

Leila has decided that she's had enough of her pacifier. She REFUSES to take it and will SCREAM if I try to give it to her. And she doesn't like going to bed. If she sees the signs that its bedtime then she totally go against it.

On the positive side, the past few nap/bed times I've found that if I SING to her, then she's more likely to calm down and eventually go to sleep. *Cross my fingers that it continues*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sticker Chart

Eden has a "Sticker Chart" that we use to motivate her to do things like help pick up her toys, brush her teeth, make her bed, etc.

Her stickers are smiley (and non-smiley) face stickers. But she almost ALWAYS chooses the smiling ones and will avoid all the funny faces, angry faces, etc.

But tonight after she brushed her teeth, this was the conversation:

Me: "OK! Let's get a sticker for your chart! Which one would you like?"
(She points to one with a frowny face)
Eden: "The sad one...cause he's sad he has to go to bed."

Oh, she knew it was bedtime and though she was being very nice about it...she was sad, just like the sticker.

Time to Clean Up

One of the nursery leaders told me on Sunday that during play time Eden came up to her and said, "I think its time to start cleaning up now." She was rather shocked cause most kids would rather play than clean up.

This morning we played with a bunch of toys and made a decent sized mess in our family room. While passing by later she said to me, "Uh oh. The family room is messy. We need to clean it up." And she and I cleaned up the room. She even found a stick that she brought in from outside and said, "This doesn't go in here. We better put it outside."

I wish more days were like this.

New Testament

Tyson's mom got Eden a children's version of the New Testament. Eden LOVES it. Its lots of stories about Jesus and she's really quite fascinated with Him. :)

The other day we read the story about the woman washing Jesus feet. And later on I found Eden playing with her doll house and the "big sister" was washing "daddy"s feet and also putting oil on them.

I love when I realize that she listens to all these stories really well and understands them.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Potty Training

I attempted potty training Eden today. (I had nightmares about it all last night.)

To make along story short....didn't happen. Eden's back in diapers.

Rolling Over

Leila rolled over from her front to back yesterday....TWICE.

At least that's what I hear. Tyson was the only one to witness it....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wild Jungle Animals

Eden was playing in the tub and looked through her "goggles".

Eden: "I'm looking at WILD JUNGLE ANIMALS!"
Mom: "Oh! How exciting! What animals do you see?"
Eden: "Cows!!"

Wild jungle animals....I definitely think cows fit that category....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Playing Outside

Mom: "Time for lunch."
Eden: "I don't want to eat lunch. I just want to play in the backyard again."
Mom: "But we need to eat lunch. Leila's already sitting in her bouncer."

(Eden walks up to Leila in her bouncer)
Eden: "Leila, do you want to go outside again?"

(Turns to mom)
Eden: "Leila said she wants to go outside again and doesn't want lunch."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


"I want to dress up as a mommy for Halloween!
And I'll have a baby in my tummy!
And my tummy will get bigger and bigger and bigger!" 2 year old wants to be a pregnant lady for Halloween....bad idea.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Eden was recently introduced to grilled cheese sandwiches. I've made her one the other day with a slice of turkey in it. She also tends to think its "girl cheese sandwiches" which doesn't surprise me because my dad always called them that...except for boys it was "boy cheese sandwiches".

For lunch today she was trying to tell me that she wanted a grilled cheese sandwich....but was struggling to figure out what they were called. She looked in the fridge and said, "Mom, umm....I want a....umm.....sandwich. A good girl turkey cheese sandwich".


For the past week or so, Leila has been really reaching for her toys and sticking them in her mouth. She also talks a lot and blow a lot of bubbles out of her mouth.

She went to the doctor the other day and she is 90 percentile in height and 97 percentile in weight. She's a chunk weighing in at 15 lbs.

Lunch Break

We were eating dinner and Tyson got a phone call.

He was talking on the phone and mentioned something about his "lunch break".

Eden then said, "Lunch break?"

Pretty soon I looked at her and she was taking her food (starting with each little bean on the taco pizza) and squishing it saying, "Lunch......BREAK!"

She definitely played with her food more than eating it that day.