Friday, October 22, 2010

Going to the Museum

After going to the WWI museum a little while back (which, thanks to her Snoopy book, she calls the World War 1 Flying Ace museum) she's been really into talking about the museum.

Obviously the impression the museum gave....

(Playing with dolls)
"Let's go to the museum"
(Pretends to have them walk somewhere)
"OH! Look at all the GUNS!"

But then she extended her museums....

I was working on some sewing projects and she came into the room with some of her dolls.

"We're going to the sewing museum!"
(Puts her dolls on my sewing basket full of stuff)
(Has a doll be a "guide")
"This is thread."
"This is a needle."

Except she had to ask me what the name was of most of the other "thimble", "bobbins", etc. Then I'd tell her what it was called and she'd continue the tour and tell her dolls.

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