Friday, April 30, 2010


Eden has a box of legos that she LOVES.

Today Tyson made a large base with a boat on top. Then to make it move like it was on a boat, he stuck wheels to the bottom.

Eden started playing with this (now rather large) boat. She put a few Lego people inside and started to push the boat forward. Then took them back out and said,

"That's probably dangerous."

She was just making sure her Lego people were being safe.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bladder

Tyson was studying and there was a picture of a baby bladder birth defect.

Eden took interest, "What's that?"

So, Tyson told her and explained where her bladder is ("in your tummy under your belly button")

Later on we went outside to walk around and play a little. Eden started to walk away on the sidewalk and said,

"Bye! I'm going to the doctor!"
(lifts up her shirt and puts her hand on her belly)
"The doctor has my bladder! Bye!"


After Tyson joked about teaching Eden about her kidneys...we've been having fun trying to teach Eden some other anatomy.

Tyson has this "bone box" from school with all the bones of the body in it. It was lying around so we opened it up and were playing show and tell with Eden.

Eden's favorite is wiggling her fingers and saying "phalanges". I say that one more often because its one of the only bones I know.

Yesterday after dinner she went to the bathroom and said, "I need to wash my phalanges!"

Last Night

Last night Eden woke up around 11:00. She was screaming.

I had my computer out at the time (was just about to close it down and go to bed). She just wanted to cuddle with mommy, listen to music (which as been something she loves to do...listen to music on my computer) and look at pictures on people's blogs (something else she loves to do).

Later we decided that she needed to go back to sleep. She said she was hungry, so we gave her some food and put her back down to sleep in her room.

You know, its time like that where I really wish she could just sleep with me all night and cuddle. But I realize that in the end it would result in a bad night's rest for all three of us in the bed. Pity.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Eden keeps telling me and Tyson that she wants to drive the car.

"Daddy not drive the car.
Mommy not drive the car.
Eden drive the car."

I tried to explain to her that she needed to be older to drive. So I asked her today:

Me: "Eden, how old are you?"
Eden: "Seven."

She's apparently ready to be older than she is...

Washing in the Rain

Yesterday Eden gave a good suggestion:

"Let's go outside. Get soap and water and get washed in the rain. Scrub a dub dub!"

Friday, April 23, 2010

So Subtle...

Eden wanted me to get her marbles from downstairs to play with. Her very subtle way of telling me was ,
"Mommy. I need my marbles. They are downstairs. Go and get them for me. OK! Thanks. See you later!"

More Drama from the Drama Queen

Eden's learning different ways to try and get what she wants....

Yesterday Eden and I went to Wendy's (which isn't normal for us) and she was eating chicken nuggets and fries. Then she noticed the Frosty...but didn't know what it was. She asked to try some and when she did she got all excited saying, "It's ICE CREAM!"

I told her she needed to eat her chicken nuggets before the ice cream so she put on her best act for me....

She put her hands over her face and started to fake cry. Then she said, "I'm crying! I need some ice cream!" I convinced her that she could have a few bites AFTER each chicken nugget.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thunder and Lightening

Today has been quite stormy. But Eden really likes it.

She looked outside for a while watching the rain.

Then there was lightening and she heard the loud thunder. That was her favorite. She said, "There's a BIG NOISE in the sky!" She's like her mommy...I love rainstorms with thunder and lightening.

The Monologue

*As a warning...this may be a "you had to be there" moment.

While eating at a friend's house Eden started to monologue. (Tyson was studying at school like usual.)

Eden had a VERY concerned look on her face...and you could tell she was very serious about this whole thing....

"In the dark you bonk your head on the wall. And...and...bonk your head and get an owie. And then you have blood and bleeding. And need help from a doctor. Jesus won't help you. Cause you bonk your head on the wall and bleeding. There's blood in your hair....."

(Granted, it was much longer cause she repeated everything about 3 times and went back and forth in her story.)

This probably went on for about 5 minutes...and Eliza and I just laughed (tried to hide it in so not to hurt Eden's feelings because she was OBVIOUSLY very concerned and this was very serious.)

And had I not been laughing and thinking "What in the world is going on in her head?" then I would have made a point out of her "Jesus won't help you" and tell her how Jesus can always help you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I went to Target today to get some clothes and Eden came with me in the dressing room.

She didn't mind me trying on clothes while she played on the bench or with the change in my purse or whatever she felt like doing.

But there was one dress that when I put it on she immediately came up to me and said, "No mom. Don't put on that one!" And she would try to take the dress off me. I tried on a few other things and she didn't say a word.

A while later I decided to try that dress on again (cause I didn't REALLY get a good look at it with Eden trying to take it off of me) and once again she started to say, "No mommy. Not that one!"

Apparently she really didn't like that dress...she's definitely got an opinion.

And needless to say, I didn't buy that dress.

"Just Right"

A while back I wrote about how Eden calls her feet chubby whenever she wears her flip flops. She still calls them chubby...

The other day she was wearing her flip flops and I was wearing mine. She called her feet chubby and then noticed that I was wearing my sandals too. I said, "My feet are chubby too" (cause after walking a bit my feet start to feel the size of basketballs).

Eden then said, "Mom, you're feet aren't chubby. They are just right."

Oh, thanks Eden.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Making Up Words

Lately Eden's been making up words...and she just thinks its hilarious. She'll be talking and say something random like, "Boo ba da da doo la" and laugh. Then she'll look at me and say, "I say boo ba da da doo la."

I think this might be a part of her "growing up denial" that she's going though. She almost always chooses to be called a "baby" instead of a "big girl", pretends to cry like a baby, and if she wants something (for example, a cookie) she'll say, "baby wants a cookie."

Friday, April 16, 2010

How to Spell "Eden"

Eden will sometimes pretend to "write" things. She'll draw squiggly lines and say she's writing (usually people's names). The other day she was writing her name...

Usually she'll say while writing something like this... "E-D-E-D-E. Eden."

But today she was writing and said, "E-D-E-D-E-F-G. Eden." least she understands the first part of her name and she is also learning the alphabet. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"I'm Still Sleeping!"

I had an appointment to go to today, so I had to wake up Eden from her nap (which she was probably gonna get up soon anyway).

When I went into the room, she was lying on the bed, eyes opened.

Eden: (pulls blankie over her head) NO MOMMY! I'm still sleeping!"
Me: We gotta go somewhere hun.
Eden: I not wake up. Close the door. I'm still sleeping.
Me: You can sleep in the car if you want.
Eden: No sleeping in the car. I want to sleep in my bed.
Me: Please come with me? I have a sandwich and grapes for you.
Eden: No, I want to sleep mommy!

This protesting went on for a while. I felt so bad and wished she could just sleep. Needless to say, I ended up a little late to my appointment...but surprisingly not THAT late.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hills and "Bumpy"s

A Milestone for Eden:

Eden has finally become daring enough to walk on the grass that slopes. She's usually really quite strict with herself and stays on the sidewalk because she says the grass is "too bumpy".

After trying to teach her that she can walk on the grass, she's finally overcome the fear of "bumpy grass" and will even go DOWN the hill in our front yard. She's slowly becoming more active and daring when it comes to the physical stuff.

Another "I'm Impressed" Moment

Sometimes I get these moments when Eden remembers things that I NEVER would have expected her to remember...

Yesterday she started to throw her arms around and said, "fighting!"

I told her that fighting wasn't a good thing to do.

She then started to recall a story from the Book of Mormon, "Fighting is not very nice. People fight with swords and then throw them in a pile in a hole."

I was impressed that she remembered that story. At her age, I don't think I could have remembered it.


Today the family went out in the front yard to let Eden run around.

She has been fascinated by the ants (for all of you who know me...I HATE ants with a passion...). But today I actually kind of felt bad for the ants for the first time ever.

Eden's conversation with the ants:

"Ants! I kill them!"
"Ants are scared. Scared of my foot."
"Where is the ant going? Running away."
"Ant hide in the crack."

Then later she decided to be nice to the ants. She picked a dandy lion and kept trying to put the stem in front of the ant saying, "Make a couch for the ant." Of course she wasn't quite fast enough to ever get it in front of the ant and ended up more poking the ant along its way. Poor ants.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Sister

Sometimes Eden is nice to her baby sister...sometimes not so much.

The Good:
Today Eden got her doctor play stuff to check on the baby's heartbeat. She put the stethoscope to my belly, made little heartbeat sounds, and said, "Baby sister is a good girl."

The Not-So-Good:
Eden's really been into lying on my belly and saying "Squishing baby sister!"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Construction Work

Eden's really been into dramatizing her

"That's my FAVORITE."
"She's SO nice."
"That's REALLY cool."

But today she said a new dramatic phrase...

While driving we hit construction and were almost at a stand still. She looked to the side at a large pile of rocks and she said, "Look! Lots of rocks! Rocks are the BEST IN THE WORLD."

Such a drama pants.

Girl's Night

Tyson was out studying all night last night, so Eden and I had a girl's night.

We got pizza, ate upstairs in my bedroom, and watched Arthur.

This isn't THAT abnormal...often when we have a girl's night or Eden and Tyson have a daddy/daughter night then we'll take her upstairs to eat dinner on the floor and watch a show on the computer.

This time she recognized what was going on. As soon as I mentioned pizza she said, "Pizza and eat upstairs?!" She was PUMPED.

We got the pizza and I put it at the top of the stairs. Then I went downstairs to get some plates and cups and things. I heard an unfamiliar noise and went to go see what it was.

Eden was SO EXCITED to have pizza and a movie that she raced up the stairs, grabbed the pizza box, and carried it (sideways...almost dragging it) all the way to our bedroom to the computer.

She was in heaven. And luckily the pizza was only pepperoni and it wasn't damaged while she carried it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Nap Time"

Today instead of napping I listened to Eden FOR AN HOUR...(mind you, she wasn't upset...rather just talking...and I could hear that she was still just laying in her toddler bed the whole time)

"Where are you mommy?"
"In the bathroom mommy?"
"On the potty?"
"Please open the door, please."
"Where are you?"

Happiness Comes in Packages

We borrowed a neighbor's small fold out chair for a day to sit outside (it looked like a frog). Eden loved the chair and continued to ask for it after it had been long gone back to the neighbors.

Eden: "Where'd my frog chair go?"
Mom: "We had to give it back to the neighbors. Its gone."
(Eden's not satisfied with that answer and keeps asking)
Mom: "Maybe we'll get you one. Maybe for your birthday."
Eden: "I get a frog chair for my birthday in a package."

Apparently, we don't give her many presents...the Easter bunny doesn't seem to give many presents, but she knows that grandparents give presents...and they appear on our doorstep magically in the form of mailed packages.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Peeps

The first thing she says this morning when she wakes up... "Marshmallows?"

The first thing I hear when I ask her what she wants for breakfast... "Marshmallows?"

Randomly throughout the day when I think she's finally forgotten about marshmallows... "Marshmallows?"

Before, during, and after dinner... "Marshmallows?"

Ugh....didn't give her much for Easter...
but what she got, SHE WANTS.

(Unfortunately there were a few tantrums to go along with a few of these episodes when I tell her that she can't have marshmallows right then.)

She finally eased a bit after I told her "You can have a marshmallow when daddy gets home." So, of course a great majority of the day was spent with her saying,
"Marshmallows when daddy gets home."

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spiritual Communication

During conference Eden found Tyson's old earphones and put them in her ears and said, "I'm listening. I'm listening to the Spirit."

Well, I guess the Spirit communicates in all sorts of ways....even headphones.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Subliminal Messages

The past two days Eden has been trying to give us subliminal messages after dinner.

After eating dinner Tyson and I hear faint whispering...

Eden whispering: "need a special treat. chocolate."

Tyson and I were just talking and not paying any special attention when we heard these little whispers and then actually heard what she was whispering. Guess she really wanted chocolate...enough to send us little messages.