Monday, February 27, 2012

Ebola and Malaria

Eden's back to wanting to learn all about diseases and parasites.

A few weeks ago she learned about the Ebola virus and loved it.

The week after we started reading about malaria and it scared her to death.

Ebola: Eats all your internal organs, through your skin, makes you bleed out your mouth and eyeballs, eats through your brain until you can't remember anything and go crazy, you need to be put into solitary confinement because it is highly contagious and kills you after 2 weeks.

Malaria: You get it from mosquitoes. That's as far as we got through that book before she was too scared to read further.

Sleeping Naked

For the past week or so, Leila will kindly go to bed at night.

Then when I leave the room, she'll take off her pajamas and sleep in only a diaper.

Last night she decided that even her diaper was too much to sleep it.

She woke up in the middle of the night with a naked bummie and wet blankets and sheets.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leila's Song

Leila started singing a song....It went like this....

"Dad! Dad! Dad! *kiss*"

Eden's Valentine

I was teaching preschool for Valentines.

Me: "Who knows what today is?"
Eden: "Valentines Day!"
Me: "Right! Why do we celebrate Valentines Day?"

(Blank stares from kids)
Me: "Its a day to remember to show people that we love them."

Me: "Who are some people we love?"
Roman: "Our family!"
Eden: "Roman!"
Me: "Our family and friends. Exactly."

Me: "So, how do we show that we love them?"
Me: "We can do nice things for them....give hugs and kisses."
(Eden runs over and kisses Roman)

Later that day....

Me: "Eden. Do you like Roman?"
Eden: "Yeah. He's a good boyfriend."

But in her defense I do think she meant "a boy that's a friend". She also named others boys that were friends.