Monday, February 28, 2011

Squishy Paper

Eden: "Mom. I'm coming downstairs cause
I want to draw on this squishy paper."

Curious, I look up at her coming down the stairs. The "squishy paper" was a piece of STYROFOAM.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Word of the Day

Tyson's phone has an app for Webster's Dictionary where he can look up the "Word of the Day". Lately he's been reading it out loud when the family is all around.

The other day the word was "Snaffle: To obtain especially by devious or irregular means. I snaffled the last cookie."

I stole Tyson's phone earlier that day and read the word to Eden. She didn't seem to be paying too much attention.

Later on in the day:

Tyson: "Want to hear the word of the day?"
Me: "Oh, I already read it to Eden. Its...umm...snuffle or something."
Tyson: "The word is...."
Eden: "I snaffled the last cookie!"

She WAS listening! That was the example sentence they gave in the app. I can't believe how good that girl's memory is.

The High Pony Tail

The other day I found myself saying, "Oh no, we're at THIS stage." Why?

Eden's favorite movie lately has been Hercules (that she always calls "Quicklies"). I often put on a movie while we get ready and I can do her hair while her she's holding still. I started to brush her hair when she said, "Mom, I want my hair to be like Meg's."

Luckily Meg only wears a high pony tail. I can handle that.

But if she asks for more difficult hair styles, I may be in trouble.

p.s. Eden was EXTREMELY proud of her hair all day. Telling people about how she looks like Meg.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Standing and a Love for Food

Leila can now get herself from sitting to standing (if she's holding on to something short enough).

And she also has a love for food. Wait, that doesn't describe it. She has an EXTREME LOVE for food. When we sit her down for food at breakfast and dinner, she EAT and EATS. I decided once that maybe we shouldn't give her as much and supplement with breast milk at the end. She wouldn't have it. She only wanted FOOD.

She's found a new love for foods that she can feed herself as well. She loves green beans, baby snacks, bread, ANYTHING.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vanilla Extract

A very random conversation. I wasn't using or hadn't used vanilla extract in QUITE some time.

Eden: "Mom, I know how to make vanilla extract."
Mom: "Oh yeah? How do you make it?"
Eden: "Bananas and ice cream."

I never would have guessed it was so easy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Crawling and Talking

Leila officially crawls! She also TALKS a lot more than she did previously (well, somewhat babble). She's learned the word "Dada" and hasn't stopped saying it since. She loves her dad. Its true. She occasionally says "Mama" and a little bit of babble and a decent amount of screaming. But dad is officially her new favorite.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Booger Sucker

(First that how you spell "booger"? Anyhow....)

Eden's had a really runny nose. She hates it. Anytime she feels it she'll yell "MOM! A BOOGER! I NEED A TISSUE!" (or something like that).

I was getting frustrated with wiping her nose every 30 seconds,

Eden: "Mom! I have a booger!"
(Wipe nose)
Mom: "I'm about to get Leila's booger sucker and use it on your nose!"
Eden (fearful): "NO!"
(Eden ran off and played quietly for a long time.)
(She eventually came back to me.)
Eden: "Mom. You can use the booger sucker on me and I won't be afraid. I'll be a brave little toaster."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daddy's Night Light

We're about to get ready for bed. Eden looks into our unlit bedroom where on the bed is daddy's laptop (open and turned on). She looks at it and says,

"Daddy, your computer night light is on."

p.s. Eden's AFRAID of night lights.

The Good Helper

I told Eden she could play a little while I put Leila to bed. Then after Leila was asleep, I'd put her to bed.

While I was off feeding and putting Leila to bed, Eden decided to be a big helper and take out the "pretties" in her hair, put on her pajamas for me, and pick out a bedtime book.

It would have been much more of a help if she wasn't getting ready for NAP TIME. So, now she's out of her clothes and in her pajamas with her hair undone....during nap. I may have to get Eden dressed and ready TWICE today.

But she was trying to be helpful. That's what counts.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Leila's taken a few crawling steps. She's gotta be REALLY wanting something and people not paying attention to her (cause if she sees you are paying attention she'll give up trying in hopes that we'll give in to give her what she wants first).

She's quite the demolisher. I got her to crawl better than she's ever crawled today by playing LEGOs with Eden. When I build something Leila headed over FAST to, of course, demolish it. As soon as she had ripped it apart, she went back to playing with other things....occasionally checking if we re-built anything for her to destroy.

But Leila's other big thing is her love of CLIMBING. She'll climb on most anything she can climb up on. She loves to open her dresser drawers and and try and climb them. She also LOVES our big LEGO container. She knows what's inside. She'll grab it, tip it over, spread the LEGOs around, throw the box and the lid and then play, play, play!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Eden came into the bathroom while I was doing my make up. She noticed a box of medicine that Tyson's been taking cause he's sick (again).

Eden: "What's this?"
Mom: "Its daddy's medicine."
Eden: "Oh....I'm going to read it."
(Looks at the writing on the box.)
Eden: "It says, 'If you take this, you are prone to get better'. That's what it says."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not Pretty Enough

Leila was able to get a hold of Eden's hair and started pulling it. Then Eden escaped and looked to me....

"Mom! Leila told me that my hair isn't pretty enough!"

Hmm....I'm pretty sure she didn't say that. I'm definitely gonna be skeptical when she "tattle tells" on someone. Honestly, I can usually tell when she's making things up or exaggerating....cause she'll say things that the other person would not or CAN NOT say.

Plus, that's such a girly and self-conscience thing to say for her age. She shouldn't be thinking things like that... Hope she didn't get that from me. I don't think I say things like that....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today Eden and I were drawing. For the first time, she drew a person.

I started off by drawing a circle with hair (although, she knows how to draw circles). Then from there she drew eyes, nose, mouth, body, arms, legs, and hands and feet (little circles on the end of each arm and leg) all by herself.

She's getting so big!

"Oh....You Know...."

(Eden looking at some books.)
Mom: "What are you doing Eden?"
Eden: " know.....just reading some important books."


Thanks to Abinadi....

Whenever Eden pretends to "tie me up and take me to prison/jail" she'll end with "and burn you in a fire!"

Humidifiers and Bathtubs

(Hears the bathtub filling up.)
Eden: "I want to take a tubby!"
Mom: "Dad's taking a tub cause he doesn't feel well."
Eden: "Oh."
(Pauses to think.)
Eden: "He's taking a tubby because his lungs don't work very well and so he needs to take a tubby to get some of the water in his lungs to help him get better?"
Mom: "Yep."

We recently borrowed our neighbor's humidifier and she apparently was listened to her father's in depth description of how the humidifier helps your body. Then she was able to relate the humidifier to the bathtub....which is the same principle for both.

I didn't even think of comparing the two. My thought was the simplified version of "because he doesn't feel well". She's good.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just a Little about Leila

Leila is clapping her hands and she also gets up on all fours and SO CLOSE to crawling.

When she "talks" its "mom mom mom", shrieking/squealing, fake coughing, laughing, or spitting.

Today she went from lying on her belly to a sitting position all by herself, although I'm not sure if she just got lucky or if she will actually do it again.

She's LOVES food, squash being her #1 favorite.

When she wakes up she's often got a perm-a-grin on her face and when she's tired she's anything BUT perm-a-grinning (she's a GROUCH when she's tired).

Her "hate list" consists of stethoscopes, otoscopes, needles, scales, getting dressed and undressed, and anything having to do with the doctor's office.

Her "love list" consists of baths, being naked, her sister, her mom, and her dad.

When she's around other babies she'll look at them and try to talk to them and play with them.

And she loves giving kisses, but watch out for the large, open-mouthed slobber monster.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Be Good

Leila and I stayed home from church today since we're sick. Eden and Dad went to church.

On the way out...

Dad: "Bye Leila! Be good for mom, OK?"
Eden: "Bye mom! Be good for Leila, OK?"

Eden knows who the REAL troublemaker is in the family.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Guess....She's Tired.

Eden woke up earlier than usual this morning.

Leila was also up and wanting to be fed. So, I started feeding and the house was silent. Eden stood outside the bedroom door and eventually laid down with her stomach on the floor.

Mom: "Eden, why don't you go back to bed. You look tired."
Eden: "I'm not tired mom."
Eden: "I'm not tired. My ear is just cold." THAT'S why you have it pressed against the floor. NOT because you're tired. RIIIIGHT.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Eden put her blanket around her and said,

"I'm wearing a robe! I'm Jesus!"

Then she walked around the room singing....

"I'm trying to be like Jesus..."

.....taking the song a little TOO literally...


Not said in question form...but you could tell she was trying to find answers.

Eden: "Mom, its not nice to call people names....But we call Leila, 'Leila'."

Child of God

Lately we've been listening to the Children's Song Book in the car.

I switched CDs and when "I Am a Child of God" came on she yelled,

"Hey! That's MY song!"

A while later...

Eden: "Dad, are you a child of God too?"
Dad: "Yes I am."
Eden: "Oh! So, you're a BOY one!"