Friday, February 18, 2011

Booger Sucker

(First that how you spell "booger"? Anyhow....)

Eden's had a really runny nose. She hates it. Anytime she feels it she'll yell "MOM! A BOOGER! I NEED A TISSUE!" (or something like that).

I was getting frustrated with wiping her nose every 30 seconds,

Eden: "Mom! I have a booger!"
(Wipe nose)
Mom: "I'm about to get Leila's booger sucker and use it on your nose!"
Eden (fearful): "NO!"
(Eden ran off and played quietly for a long time.)
(She eventually came back to me.)
Eden: "Mom. You can use the booger sucker on me and I won't be afraid. I'll be a brave little toaster."

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