Saturday, February 12, 2011


Leila's taken a few crawling steps. She's gotta be REALLY wanting something and people not paying attention to her (cause if she sees you are paying attention she'll give up trying in hopes that we'll give in to give her what she wants first).

She's quite the demolisher. I got her to crawl better than she's ever crawled today by playing LEGOs with Eden. When I build something Leila headed over FAST to, of course, demolish it. As soon as she had ripped it apart, she went back to playing with other things....occasionally checking if we re-built anything for her to destroy.

But Leila's other big thing is her love of CLIMBING. She'll climb on most anything she can climb up on. She loves to open her dresser drawers and and try and climb them. She also LOVES our big LEGO container. She knows what's inside. She'll grab it, tip it over, spread the LEGOs around, throw the box and the lid and then play, play, play!


  1. So, Weston's name when he was little was "Destructo Boy" because that's what he did! Afton is getting there fast... Today she got her first head bump- trying to crawl up the TV table and slipped. Oh, great! Good job Leila!

  2. Leila must be Tyson's daughter! Oh the memories of playing legos with him as a kid. :)