Monday, February 7, 2011

Just a Little about Leila

Leila is clapping her hands and she also gets up on all fours and SO CLOSE to crawling.

When she "talks" its "mom mom mom", shrieking/squealing, fake coughing, laughing, or spitting.

Today she went from lying on her belly to a sitting position all by herself, although I'm not sure if she just got lucky or if she will actually do it again.

She's LOVES food, squash being her #1 favorite.

When she wakes up she's often got a perm-a-grin on her face and when she's tired she's anything BUT perm-a-grinning (she's a GROUCH when she's tired).

Her "hate list" consists of stethoscopes, otoscopes, needles, scales, getting dressed and undressed, and anything having to do with the doctor's office.

Her "love list" consists of baths, being naked, her sister, her mom, and her dad.

When she's around other babies she'll look at them and try to talk to them and play with them.

And she loves giving kisses, but watch out for the large, open-mouthed slobber monster.

1 comment:

  1. Ok, it is clear your husband is wearing off on you. What is an "Otoscope?"

    Leila is such a little sweetheart! I wished we lived closer so I knew her better!