Monday, March 28, 2011


This is the llama that Eden gave to Leila when she was born.

Leila loves it.

In fact, she loves it so much that she can now say "Llama".

Words Leila says: "Mama", "Dada", "More", "Nana" (meaning "no no"), and now "Llama".

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Leila crawled up the stairs (from the very bottom to the top) all by herself. Trouble....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Getting Along

Eden and Leila best get along with each other while in the car.
They like to hold hands or Eden will tell me what Leila is doing or if she's asleep or not. Or else they will just talk to each other.

Falling Out of Bed

Eden fell out of bed and started to cry.

"Mom. I fell out of my bed and I hit my brain!"

Friday, March 18, 2011


I went to take the garbage out and left the door open so Eden could come out if she wanted.

She didn't have any shoes by the front door, as she usually does. And she knows she isn't supposed to go outside the house without shoes on.

She really wanted to come outside. So, she improvised.

Those would be MY shoes.


During breakfast we gave Eden a banana. She rubbed it all over her chest and said,

"I want to take a tubby!"


Pavlov's Dog

I've tried to teach Eden and Leila a few words in sign language, just for fun.

"More" is the word I've been trying to get Leila to sign. But she's not taking...she's become more like Pavlov's dog.

Now whenever I do the "more" sign...she just gets SUPER excited. Kicking, smiling, breathing heavily...cause she knows that means more food is on its way.

And instead of doing the "more" sign to me. If she wants more and I haven't offered or given her what she wants WHEN she wants it she yells "MA!" which I've interpreted to mean "MORE!"

She's obviously my child....verbal.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its Hard to Stay Angry...

In line at the grocery store I was preparing to use coupons.

I had Eden help me out by holding the coupons for me while I put things on the conveyor belt to purchase.

Eden ripped the coupons in half.

I gave her a "mini-lecture" while in line.

While putting groceries in the car she did something that I told her not to do.

I gave her another "mini-lecture" and told her that since she disobeyed that she wasn't able to get any Veggie Straws (that we had just bought) today.

She got upset.

In the car ride home I started a longer lecture.

Eden: "Mom, you ruined my day!"
Mom: "Sorry, but....(lecture continues)"
(Eden quietly thinks to herself.)
Eden: "Mom, I'm sorry I ruined your feelings."
Mom: "Its OK. Its makes me feel better than you said sorry."
(Eden quietly thinks to herself.)
Eden: "Mom, you ruined my feelings."
Mom: "I'm sorry too. (Talk about consequences, saying sorry, and forgiveness.)
Eden: "Its OK mom. You can still be my friend."
Mom: "Thanks. I'm glad you're my friend."


Eden's found that she loves Costco....because they give samples.

Leila's found that she hates Costco....because they give samples. Samples that she can't eat but everyone else seems to be able to eat.

Trips to Costco = 1 Happy Girl and 1 Unhappy Girl.

p.s. Eden and Leila now where the same size diaper.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Name for Baby Power

Tyson's sister and brother in law, Kylie and Zach Power, came to visit a few days ago. Kylie's pregnant with a baby boy *WAHOO!*

After talking about possible baby names we decided to ask Eden. Her answer:

"You should name the baby ACTION POWER!"

Then Kylie mentioned they liked the name Samuel. Eden's response:

"That's silly! Name your baby Samuel the Lamanite Power?!"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Black Lung

Leila: *mini coughing attack*
Tyson: "You OK Leila?"
Leila: *coughing*
Tyson: "You got the black lung?"
Eden: "And I've got a PURPLE lung!"

1st Tooth

Leila's first tooth popped through a few days ago!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bedtime Routine

When Tyson's not around to help...this is the bedtime routine for the kids.


Get on PJs
Brush Teeth
Read Scriptures
Say Prayer
Read Non-Scripture Book
Drink Small Glass of Water
Sing Song
Go to Bed


Get on PJs
Try to Keep Out of Trouble Until Eden Goes to Bed
Walk Around with Mommy, Blanket, and Llama
Turn Off All Lights
Go to Bed

The problem with this routine is the step: "Try to Keep Out of Trouble Until Eden Goes to Bed".

Today's Bedtime Routine:

Get On PJs
Brush Teeth
Keep Leila Away from Playing with Toilet Water
Read Scriptures
Keep Leila from Grabbing Scriptures
Say Prayer
Read Non-Scripture Book
Put Away All the REST of the Books Leila Pulled Off Shelf
Drink Small Glass of Water
Clean Up Glass of Water Leila Tipped Over
Sing Song
Put Clothes Back in Dresser that Leila Took Out While Singing Song
Eden Goes to Bed
Leila's Bedtime Routine
Leila Goes to bed

Yeah, I've gotta figure out a better plan. Leila's WAY too good at moving and causing trouble to keep this routine the way it is.

Getting Bigger

Leila can now climb up on small steps (although not up the stairs yet), walk around holding on to furniture, and loves to play a game of stand and then let go with her hands so see how long she can stand without falling. She's lasted probably 5 seconds at the most, which is pretty good.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slippery Fish...Slippery Fish....

Eden was singing a song...

"Slippery fish. Slippery fish.
Swimming in the water.
Slippery fish. Slippery fish.
Glub. Glub. Glub.
Oh no! The fish was eaten by a...."

The song went on with a few verses.

"Enormous whale. Enormous whale...."

Then she started to make up verses.

"Enormous mommy....."
(Look at mommy)
"Pretty mommy. Pretty mommy.
Swimming in the water...."

*Phew* Close one. Good save Eden.

Then she went on.

"Beautiful Eden. Beautiful Eden.
Swimming in the water...."

Then to another verse.

"Pretty daddy. Pretty daddy....."

I commented to her that girls are pretty and boys are handsome. She corrected it.

"Handsome daddy. Handsome daddy.
Swimming in the water...."

I admit, was just glad she changed mine from "enormous" to "pretty".

Friday, March 4, 2011

Stars and Dots

Coming home later at night.

(Looking up at the night sky.)
Eden: "Mom, what are those dots up there?"
Mom: "Those are stars."
Eden: "But they don't have arms."

I do sometimes wonder why we draw pictures of stars with 5 points on them when you look in the sky and they just look like dots.

Sign Language

The missionaries are teaching a sign language class once a week for 5 weeks. I signed up.

Yesterday was the first lesson. It was great. Learned a lot of basic rules and a few common greetings as well as the alphabet and numbers.

This morning I wanted to see if I could teach Eden a little bit of what I learned.

Mom: "Eden? Want to learn some sign language? Its how people who can't hear talk to each other."
(Eden just kind of sits there looking at me funny.)
Mom: "This is how you say 'How are you?'." Then you can say "Good." or "Happy." or "Sad." or "Alright." or something else. So, Eden, how are you?"
(Eden beginning to show interest but not sure how to answer.)
Mom: "How do you want to answer? Good? Bad? Happy? Sad?"
Eden: "Exhausted!"

Man, didn't learn THAT one on my first sign language class.


Eden and Leila share a room. I've been putting them down at the same time in the afternoon.

During nap time I could hear Eden run around her bedroom on occasion.

I went upstairs to tell her to take a nap so not to wake up Leila.

She had been taking things in the room and throwing them ON Leila in her crib. The biggest thing being a Boppy pillow. It was on Leila's head. I pulled it off (a little scared she was being suffocated) and Leila was still sleeping.

Guess she's a heavier sleeper than I thought.