Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slippery Fish...Slippery Fish....

Eden was singing a song...

"Slippery fish. Slippery fish.
Swimming in the water.
Slippery fish. Slippery fish.
Glub. Glub. Glub.
Oh no! The fish was eaten by a...."

The song went on with a few verses.

"Enormous whale. Enormous whale...."

Then she started to make up verses.

"Enormous mommy....."
(Look at mommy)
"Pretty mommy. Pretty mommy.
Swimming in the water...."

*Phew* Close one. Good save Eden.

Then she went on.

"Beautiful Eden. Beautiful Eden.
Swimming in the water...."

Then to another verse.

"Pretty daddy. Pretty daddy....."

I commented to her that girls are pretty and boys are handsome. She corrected it.

"Handsome daddy. Handsome daddy.
Swimming in the water...."

I admit, was just glad she changed mine from "enormous" to "pretty".

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