Thursday, May 17, 2012


After hitting Eden with a toy, Leila was sent to time out.

After time out we did our normal "say sorry and give her a hug".

They ended up having a BIG squeeze where they both started to laugh until they fell over.

They continued to play the hugging game.  And after they fell again, still in a hug, Eden said,

"Oh!  We fell back into love!"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dr. Eden

There were a few days where I had really bad morning sickness.  Eden was a very good doctor.

Eden:  "Mom, you can come to my doctor's office."
(points to the bathroom)
Eden:  "It even has a place for you to sit in case you need to throw up."
(points to the floor next to the toilet)
(mom gladly sits with her head by the toilet)
Eden:  "Now let me look inside of you."
(takes a mirror and looks down at me)
Eden:  "I think I see the're pregnant."
Mom:  "Ohhh..."
Eden:  "I don't see anything accept your baby in there."
Mom:  "Can you tell if its a boy or a girl."
Eden:  "No cause it doesn't have any hair yet."
(since girls obviously have long hair and boys have short hair)

Then the next day I was taking a bath and she came inside.

Eden:  "Mom.  Sorry you're not feeling very good."
Mom:  "Thanks Eden."
Eden:  "I think you need some tubby toys."
Mom:  "That's a good idea.  Do you want to get me some?"
Eden:  "Yeah.  I'll go get your my two FAVORITE ones."
(She comes back with two tubby toys)

I must say, Eden's really good with people who are sick and older people.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Totally Different Children

While playing in the tub Eden was pretending to serve me food (so of course Leila had to do the same).  Although, WHAT they were serving was completely different...and TOTALLY them.

Eden was serving me ice cream (cause she loves ice cream).
Leila was serving me meat (cause she loves meat).

Other things that make them different...

Eden at Leila's age was always cautious, talkative, and loves everyone type...

Leila is active to the point of dangerous, doesn't do much talking, and is selective of who she loves (or even befriends, smiles at, doesn't panic by...) but when she loves you then you KNOW she loves you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Counting and Numbers

Leila now counts to ten (often missing the number 7) and knows the colors blue (her favorite), purple, red, white, black, brown, green, yellow, and pink.


Daddy took Eden into the shed where they keep the lawnmower, gardening tools, etc.

Eden went in there and came out saying,

"It smells like boy in there!"

She went in the shed with dad a few days later and I spotted her sticking her head out of the door.

(Taking deep breaths.)
Eden: "Phew.  Smells like BOY in there!"
(Gets out of the shed.)
Eden:  "That's MUCH better."

Apparently boys smell like grass clippings and gasoline.