Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dr. Eden

There were a few days where I had really bad morning sickness.  Eden was a very good doctor.

Eden:  "Mom, you can come to my doctor's office."
(points to the bathroom)
Eden:  "It even has a place for you to sit in case you need to throw up."
(points to the floor next to the toilet)
(mom gladly sits with her head by the toilet)
Eden:  "Now let me look inside of you."
(takes a mirror and looks down at me)
Eden:  "I think I see the're pregnant."
Mom:  "Ohhh..."
Eden:  "I don't see anything accept your baby in there."
Mom:  "Can you tell if its a boy or a girl."
Eden:  "No cause it doesn't have any hair yet."
(since girls obviously have long hair and boys have short hair)

Then the next day I was taking a bath and she came inside.

Eden:  "Mom.  Sorry you're not feeling very good."
Mom:  "Thanks Eden."
Eden:  "I think you need some tubby toys."
Mom:  "That's a good idea.  Do you want to get me some?"
Eden:  "Yeah.  I'll go get your my two FAVORITE ones."
(She comes back with two tubby toys)

I must say, Eden's really good with people who are sick and older people.

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