Monday, April 15, 2013


Dad: "Eden, what makes you grow?"
Eden: "Food....and birthdays."

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Heaven and Earth

Me, Eden, Leila, and Molly were all driving in the car.  It was quiet for a moment and Eden was pondering.

Eden:  "Mom. I think Heaven is right here on the Earth."
Mom:  "Yeah?  Why do you think that?"
Eden:  "I don't know.  I just thought that."

Later on....

Mom:  "Remember how you told me about Heaven being on Earth?
Eden:  "Yeah!  Its like God painted over Heaven to look like the Earth!"
Mom:  "Well, I think you should trust your thoughts and feelings."

Eden created a beautiful picture in my mind.  She is one smart cookie.

Tears of Joy

We drove up to Taylorsville for the first time since being back from St. George.  On the way off the freeway Eden saw the hospital where Molly was born...

Eden:  "Mom!  That's the hospital were Molly was born!"
Mom:  "Yep!  That's it!"
Eden:  "I remember when Molly was born.  It makes me so happy I want to cry!"
(Eden BURSTS into SOBBING buckets of tears.)
Mom:  "Are you OK?  Are you crying because you are happy?"
(Continues to sob.)
Eden:  "Yes. I remember seeing Molly for the first time and her little eyes opened!  She was so cute!"

It took her a few minutes to compose herself again.  She is one tender-hearted soul.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Broken Heart

Leila had come out of her room a million times with various excuses to avoid going to bed.

Dad: "Leila, you need to go to bed. It breaks my heart when you won't listen to me and go to bed."

Leila's reply: "Dad, but it breaks my heart when you don't obey me and cuddle with me at night." Followed by a sly and innocent smile...

Dad's heart melted. It was impossible to keep from laughing. She knows how to get what she wants. Hopefully she uses her powers for good.


I was getting extremely frustrated with Leila and losing my temper. I decided to go to my room and say a prayer.

Leila came in and saw me.

Leila: "Why are you praying?"
Me: "Because I need help."
Leila: "That's silly. Mom's don't need help."
Me: "Yes. Sometimes mom's even need help."
Leila: "Oh. Ok. I'll help you....say Dear Heavenly Father..."

And she then continued to help me say my prayer.