Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Sneaky Moment

Eden knows that when she tells people "Go away!" then she gets in trouble....

Eden: "Mom, go away! I'm talking to Kylie."
Mom: "What?" (I was talking on the phone)
Eden: "Ummm....Mom, you should go see dad cause you miss him so much."

Sneaky Sneaky


Mom: "Who wants to bless the food?"
Eden: "I do! I want to bless the food cause I am the Priesthood."

Words of Wisdom

Eden: "Sometimes we do what is right. And sometimes we cry."

.5 Year Old

To celebrate Leila's .5 birthday we decided to introduce her to solid food.

And she LOVES squash. Never seen a bowl of squash gone so quickly.


Tyson's family had a Sunday dinner with lots of family. And apparently during that time, Eden decided that she didn't want clothes. She had taken off all her clothes....

Eden: "I think I just want to be naked."
Mom: "Maybe we should put some clothes back on."
Eden: "I think I just want to run away. RUN AWAY!!!"

And off she ran...naked down the hall.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


(Eden has toast and egg on her plate for breakfast)
Nana: "Do you want me to cut up the bread for you?"
Eden: "No."
Nana: "Then how are you going to eat it?"
Eden: "Fast, if you put syrup on it."

Monday, December 6, 2010

Eden's Version of "Sharing"

Eden and I are sitting down having lunch. We're eating leftover pasta with broccoli and chicken.

Eden decides that she only cares for the noodles after a while. So, she sticks a piece of chicken and broccoli from her plate and puts it on my plate saying (in the sweetest voice she can),

"Mom, I can share some of my food with you."

How nice...and how sneaky.

The Squeal

Leila has developed this SQUEAL that she does when she doesn't like something. Some day I'll have to record it.

Times I KNOW I'll hear "the squeal":
  • Take her out of the tub
  • Getting her dressed
  • Put her down when I know she just wants to be held

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Hard Day

Eden came up to me with a LEGO man inside one of those LEGO doors. He was stuck. Eden then said,

"Mom, he's having a hard day."

I'd sure say he was.

If you look at this picture you can see how Eden's little fingers are in there trying to get him out.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Only a Child of a Med Student...

Play time conversations with the daughter of a med student...

Eden: "Let's go to school mom!"
(go inside play house)
Mom: "OK. What are we going to learn about?"
Eden: "White blood cells."
Mom: "OK."
Eden: "White blood cells are called leukocytes."
Mom: "Oh, and what do they do?"
Eden: "They fight off the bad germies."