Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lava Caves

We went to the Lava Caves during the family reunion. Tyson would call it, "The Cave of Wonders!" (said like on the movie, Aladdin).

When asked later she said,
"We're going to the Cave of Wonderfuls!"

There was another cave called the Valentine Cave.

Eden called that one,
"the Happy Valentine Cave".

While in one of the caves, Eden became quiet. Her imagination started.

Then she said to herself,
"There are no ghosts in the cave.
Ghosts are nice."
Soon after saying that she started to give whimpers and tried to persuade us to turn around and leave the cave. We turned around a little early to head back. Poor girl was a little scared.

Diaper Change

We slept over at Tyson's parent's house today.

Eden slept in Lydia's room. When they woke up, they had to sneak into our bedroom to get a new diaper. They got a diaper and Lydia said, "Eden, lets get your diaper changed." And Eden replied with "That'd be GREAT!"

Man, wish I could get that response from her during diaper changes...

Eden and Trey

Eden gets along with her cousin, Trey (with exceptions of course...I mean, they are both 2 year olds after all). During our trip to Oregon they got to spend a decent amount of time with each other.

Trey and Eden stories:

On our trip to Oregon we made a stop halfway through at a motel. The next morning while packing up we all let the kids play. Later we saw the kids...without Trey and Eden. We though, "Where's Eden?" A little bit later my brother in law shows up with Eden and Trey and said, "I saw these two walking out front of the motel together, holding hands." Then Eden said, "Trey was holding my hand to help me down the stairs. Trey is so nice."

Every morning in Oregon when Trey woke up, he came over to our apartment and knocked on the door. And every morning he would say, "Eden?" and we'd say, "She's still sleeping." Followed by a little disappointed face saying, "Oh..."

While having a family dinner outside we looked out to see Trey sitting on the grass. Eden was laying on across his lap with her feet in the air. And Trey was helping her take off her shoes for her. (She's such a princess that likes to be helped with everything).

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh Dear...

While on our long drive to Oregon, I looked back at Eden in her carseat. She had her blankie over her. Then she looked up and said...

"I'm feeding baby Leila."

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Eden and I were at Tyson's parent's house. Their cousin, Blake, was staying over. Blake was asked to help drive some people places...and Tyson's dad started giving Blake a talk about what to do if you get in an accident (since he was borrowing their car).

While Blake was getting drilled with questions and information...Eden sat and listened. Tyson's dad ended basically saying to be safe and not get in an accident

...and Eden added in...

"Or you'll get a spanking!"

(Which is funny cause we don't really use spanking as a form of punishment...)

Taking a Ride

While walking downtown, Eden wanted to ride on her daddy's shoulders. She said, "Daddy, I want to ride on...on....your...." She struggled to find the right word (shoulders). Finally she said,

"Daddy, I want to ride on your clavicles."

You know she's the daughter of a med student when she thinks of the word "clavicle" before "shoulder".

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Winds of Change

Eden's favorite quote from Monsters, Inc. is when Randall says, "Hear that? Its the winds of change!"

While visiting Tyson's family it was getting late at night and was dark outside. Someone knocked on the door and Papa took Eden to answer it. Eden burst out in tears and screamed saying,

"The winds of change are at the door!"
"I don't like the winds of change!"

"Big Fish"

My grandma has a large, ceramic fish in her house that Eden has grown to be afraid of. I'm not even sure how she first spotted this fish because its almost a little hidden.

But several times she has cried because the "big fish is scary". We've daily had to remind her that the big fish is nice. Other days she'll refuse to pass by the fish and we'll have to convince her that we'll just "run past it". My little scaredy cat....

One of the days she talked herself into passing the big fish by saying, "Got to be brave. Got to be brave." over and over until she passed it.


Leila slept 6 hours during the night. She's also had a few nights where she's slept 4-5 hours.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Red Velvet Cake

Tonight we had a BBQ. Someone brought some red velvet cake...which Eden LOVED. Aunt Kylie shared her cake with her and asked for more. When people said she shouldn't have more she took things into her own hands.

She reached up to where the cake was and was able to grab the cake spatula and started eating the cake off of it!

After that she asked for more cake and one of the neighbors gave her a piece of cake.

Later that night someone asked her if she knew how much cake she ate. She replied, "I had SO MUCH cake!" with a LARGE smile on her face. She knew she had won.


My sister was singing a song to Eden...

I said a boom-chick-a-boom.
I said a boom-chick-a-boom.
I said a boom-chick-a-rock-a-chick-a-rock-a-chick-a-boom.
Eden's Version:
"I said a boom- hit the rock - hit the rock -a-chick-a-boom!"

Sunday, July 4, 2010


We saw fireworks yesterday. Eden wasn't entertained much just by watching them.

But she did find it entertaining to try and guess when the fireworks would burst and she would point at them and say, "POP!" as if she was the one making them burst.

"What's Your Name?"

Eden now says her full name, Eden Emishi Finlinson. But she says it like this, "Eden Mishi Eden Finsin".

Although, the other day when asked, "What's your name?" she responded:

"Eden Mishi Happy Finsin"

Missing Daddy

Eden and I came to Utah a week before Tyson.

Towards the end of the week, Eden started to miss her daddy and would wake up crying and saying, "I WANT MY DADDY!"

Story Telling

Eden has been really into story telling. She'll often come up to me and say, "Tell me a story." This is often how it goes...

Me: "Once upon a time there was a..."
Eden: "Princess named Eden" or "Princess named Mommy"
Me: "She decided to..."
Eden: "Go for a walk" or "Go swimming" or something else
Me: "Then she..."
Eden: "Ran into a bear" or "Swamp thing" or "Monster", etc...
Me: "He was..."
Eden: "nice" or "scary"
Me: "So Princess _____...."
Eden: "Said, 'HI!'" or "ran home", etc.
Me: "The End"