Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Daddy Walk

One day while playing outside Eden says, "I'm walking like daddy!"

I watch as she puts her little hands in fists and moves her arms up and down while stepping side to side.

(I laugh because it looks like she's strutting and showing off muscles...can't wait to tell daddy how Eden thinks he walks...)

Tyson and I later realized that she's imitating daddy ON THE TREADMILL. That clears things up a bit. Although it was funny to think of daddy always walking with a strut and hands in fists.

Mommy and Daddy's Conversation

While watching Eden play with her little dolls she picks up the mommy and daddy and they have this conversation together:

(she holds mom in one hand and dad in another)

Mommy: "Hello daddy."
Daddy: "Hello mommy."
Mommy: "How are you?"
Daddy: "I'm good."
Mommy: "Love me?"

Then Eden gives a shy little giggle.

Apparently I ask Tyson if he loves me on a pretty normal basis....enough that its now a part of a normal "greeting".

Chubby Feet

A while ago I bought some flip flops for Eden. I actually bought 2 different sizes just in case. I put on the smaller ones and said, "I think you're feet are too chubby for these."

Its been nice enough weather that I brought out the sandals. I put them on and she said, "My feet are chubby."

The lesson learned: Don't ever tell a girl she's chubby...even little girls.

Friday, March 26, 2010


There is a swing set nearby and we went there a few days ago. Her favorite part was watching the cars down below drive by, saying what color they were, and singing songs with mommy while swinging.

Today seemed like a good day to go swing. I asked Eden if she wanted to go. She said, "Go swing and look at cars!?!?" She was very excited.

When we got there she watched mommy and was trying to learn how to pump herself. She would lean back really far and then forward really far. She stayed forward for a while looking at the ground. After a while she said, "Look Mama! I'm flying like a bumblebee!"

p.s. She's still pretty afraid of bugs, there are lots of ladybugs here. She's interested in them, but she keeps her distance. If they start to move towards her, she doesn't like them at all and often says, "The bug's getting me!"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank You Dr. Seuss

We just got new curtains in our living room. We put them up when Eden was asleep last night. She woke up this morning and I read her some books in our living room. She did a double take when she noticed the curtains and said,

"Curtains! I see a Jurtain in the Curtain! He's a nice Jurtain in the Curtain."

I think half of the things Eden says you can track back to a certain book that we have. This one was brought to you by "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" by Dr. Seuss.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Picky...but Polite

Eden's developed a sudden "I don't want to eat any meals EVER" type attitude recently. Partially cause she's getting over a sickness...and partially just because I think she's getting to "that age".

But for the past two mornings when I say, "Let's go eat breakfast!" or "What would you like for breakfast?" She'll respond "No thanks mommy. No breakfast, no thanks." She'll repeat this over and over until she feels that I've got the point that no matter what I offer...she's doesn't want to eat it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dinner Time and Play Time

When we told Eden to come to the kitchen for dinner time she didn't want to.

She said, "No dinner time. Play all day."

Finally we got her to sit down and eat a little....

When she got out of her chair she BOLTED to her toys and said, "PLAY!"

Reading Mommy's Book

I was bored and pulled out the book "A Child is Born" to see what it said about where I was at in my pregnancy.

There was a picture of a baby in the womb and Eden took a look.

Then she said, "Baby's in an avocado!"

Tubby Time....for Daddy

Eden woke up and Tyson was taking a shower.

Eden: "Daddy's taking a tubby."
Mommy: "No, daddy's taking a shower."
Eden: "No, daddy's taking a tubby and playing with duckies."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby Talk

Today a friend of mine told me a funny Edenism story that happened a few Sunday's ago in nursery while I wasn't around...

Apparently all the little nursery kids were sitting around the table having snacks. Chatter was going on amongst the kids (which most of the kids are either quiet or aren't forming words or sentences...more baby talk than anything).

Eden is definitely one of the more VERBAL kids. (Getting her to stay quiet is usually the problem we have.)

I guess Eden decided she wanted to join in on the conversation that all the other kids were having so turned to my friend (an adult there with her son) and said, "Goo Goo Ga Ga".

Guess she wanted to socialize any way she could....

Saying Prayers

Eden's become pretty good at saying prayers for meals. Usually her prayer goes something like this:

"Heavenly Father.
Thank you day.
Thank you mommy and daddy.
Thank you food.
Please bless food.
Name Jesus Christ, Amen."

*She's also added in "Bless daddy at school. Be safe." But only once. Then she'll also say other things when we help her out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Drama Queen (part 2)

Eden and I went to the grocery store and she wanted to get one of those carts with a car that the kids can play in. Since this was going to be a quick "in and out" trip to the grocery store to get a few needed items I said, "Sorry...not this time Eden."

Eden started whining and making a sad face. Then she said, "Mommy broke my little heart."

The Drama Queen

Coming home from the store Eden said,

"I got a boo boo!
I need a band aid!


For some reason the word "pokey" would make Eden laugh so hard today. She would say "The catepiller is pokey" and LAUGH. "Eden poke daddy's backpack" and LAUGH. Even when dad just say "Hey Eden.....poke!" She would LAUGH and LAUGH.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Thanks to Tyson, Eden occasionally says "Bow Chick a Bow Wow!" or just "Chick a Bow Wow!"

Sneaky Sneaky

While grocery shopping, Eden started to get cranky. It was totally my fault because I TOTALLY forgot to feed her lunch after she had a late nap and it was almost dinner time. She wanted to get out of the cart...I thought "why not give it a try". She was really good and didn't cause problems.

But when I looked in my cart a little later she had sneakily thrown in a little yogurt that she apparently wanted. I caught her when she tried to put the LARGE yogurt in the cart. She's obviously a fan of yogurt.

The Mommy Song

While in the car I turned on the radio. Every time I changed the station Eden said, "no....sing song." So, I turned off the radio and said, "What should we sing Eden?" She said, "Sing mommy song." I said, "The mommy song?" She then proceeded to sing "MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!" in a sing-song fashion.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Toddler Bed

Today I decided to try the toddler bed again....this time for nap instead of night time.

She got inside the bed nicely and I thought that maybe if I took a shower then she'd fall asleep to the noises (sometimes that helps her).

I got out the shower....quiet....did it work?

A few minutes pass by and I hear...singing...

"Ten little alien boys...and girls."
(She says "aliens" instead of "Indians")

Followed by...

"Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!"
(repeat over and over)

Followed by...

COMPLETE silence...

Guess she got tired of singing and zonked right out.

Two hours later she woke up from nap right where she left off....singing Happy Birthday....

Making Mommy Feel Bad

The other day Eden was being a bit of a trouble maker. I was getting really frustrated. I went upstairs to put something away and left Eden to play with her toys.

Then I hear...."MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMMMMY!" Over and over...

All frustrated I went to the stairs, looked at her, and said, "What Eden?"

She just looked at me sweetly for a second and then said, "I love you so much!"

Talk about making me feel bad for being so frustrated with her!

Getting Married

Tyson's sister just got married. Now Eden likes to pretend to put on clothes that are "pretty" and say "Getting dressed on. I'm getting married!"


Eden has been really into money lately since showing her our little jar of coins and letting her play with them.

A while back, Tyson's dad gave Eden a dollar bill and said, "Give that to your mom and tell her to buy you some candy." She looked at him, gave the dollar bill back, and said "Need money".

Eden didn't recognize the dollar bill as money...she only thinks its coins.


Once Eden asked me for money and I said, "I don't have any. I'm poor." Now Eden is into saying, "Mommy no money. Mommy poor. Mommy sad."

Becca's So Nice

While on vacation, we went to my sister Becca's house to go swimming. After swimming I got Eden dressed, then I got dressed.

While getting dressed Eden noticed Trey had a cup of chocolate candies. Becca gave Eden one. Then Eden asked, "Can I have some please?" Becca couldn't resist.

When I came out I saw Eden and her candies. I said, "Ohh! Who gave you those treats?" The response was "Becca's SO NICE!"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Power Ractor"

One day my back hurt and I said, "I need a chiropractor." Ever since Eden says "need a chiropractor" but it comes out "power ractor".

Once upon a time she did say "chiropractor"....

Although, lately she's become quite confused and will associate the "power ractor" with all sorts of things...or randomly just talk about it....

Phone Talk

Eden's been really cute on the phone lately. When she talks to dad she'll almost always say "I miss you so much. I love you so much." Melts my heart.

One to Thirteen

I officially can say that Eden counts to 13. For a while Eden would count, skipping numbers or not always remember the numbers. But for a few days now she's been really good about counting all the way from 1 to 13.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Eden's Example

Eden's a girly girl.

She states her feelings openly ALWAYS. She will say "I'm sad", "Crying", "Mad", "Scared", "Afraid", "Happy"....anything.

Her cousin, Trey, on the other hand...definitely a boy...not nearly as "emotional" as Eden. She's not afraid of anything but he's rather a teenager in a 2 year old body....seriously.

But in the car, after hanging out with Eden for a while, he started saying "Sad" and "Afraid"....which he wasn't but learned those from Eden.

Less Afraid

Eden's a chicken...its alright, I love her anyway.

But today was a brave day for Eden. We went swimming at the Lehi Rec Center and she found that she loved going down the water slides ALL BY HERSELF.

We went a few months back and she wouldn't go down the slides....or even go CLOSE to the plastic Toucan and Monkey that nicely decorate the slide.

"Big Pot"

Tyson's sister, Kylie, was just married this past week. We stayed overnight at the Manti House. They give you a dinner and dessert. Someone ordered a "Sundae for Two" which is a LARGE bowl full of ice cream and toppings for the kids to share.

Eden wasn't hesitant at all. Tyson and I didn't hear her talking for a few minutes and thought "oh no, where's Eden?" We quickly found her hunched over this large bowl on the floor STUFFING her face.

She looked up and said, "MMMmmm....Big Pot!" and continued stuffing.

The first time she stood up and away from the "big pot" we hurried and took it while she wasn't looking and had the waitress take it away.

She panicked.

"Where'd big pot go?" "Oh no!" "Where'd it go?"

We just told her it was all gone and she sadly and gracefully accepted reality.