Friday, March 26, 2010


There is a swing set nearby and we went there a few days ago. Her favorite part was watching the cars down below drive by, saying what color they were, and singing songs with mommy while swinging.

Today seemed like a good day to go swing. I asked Eden if she wanted to go. She said, "Go swing and look at cars!?!?" She was very excited.

When we got there she watched mommy and was trying to learn how to pump herself. She would lean back really far and then forward really far. She stayed forward for a while looking at the ground. After a while she said, "Look Mama! I'm flying like a bumblebee!"

p.s. She's still pretty afraid of bugs, there are lots of ladybugs here. She's interested in them, but she keeps her distance. If they start to move towards her, she doesn't like them at all and often says, "The bug's getting me!"

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