Monday, March 1, 2010

"Big Pot"

Tyson's sister, Kylie, was just married this past week. We stayed overnight at the Manti House. They give you a dinner and dessert. Someone ordered a "Sundae for Two" which is a LARGE bowl full of ice cream and toppings for the kids to share.

Eden wasn't hesitant at all. Tyson and I didn't hear her talking for a few minutes and thought "oh no, where's Eden?" We quickly found her hunched over this large bowl on the floor STUFFING her face.

She looked up and said, "MMMmmm....Big Pot!" and continued stuffing.

The first time she stood up and away from the "big pot" we hurried and took it while she wasn't looking and had the waitress take it away.

She panicked.

"Where'd big pot go?" "Oh no!" "Where'd it go?"

We just told her it was all gone and she sadly and gracefully accepted reality.

1 comment:

  1. How stinkin funny! She is the cutest little thing and SO SMART! I enjoyed watching her at the wedding!