Thursday, January 2, 2014

Conversations with Molly

For as little as Molly talks...she sure can communicate.

(Mom's in the bathroom)
(Molly knocks on the door)
Mom:  "Yes?"
Molly:  "DA NA NA DA MA MA DA!"
(Molly knocks again)
Mom:  "I'm going to the bathroom."
Molly:  "DA DA NA NA NA DA MA!"
(Molly knocks again)
Mom:  "Molly, you need to wait until I'm done."
(Molly cries.)

But she's especially good at tattle telling...

Molly:  "Uh oh" (points)
(Mom looks over and sees Leila)
Mom:  "Leila, go clean up please."
(Leila runs back crying)
Molly:  "Uh oh.  WAAH! No."