Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Molly's Bad Dreams

Molly on occasion has a bad dream. I thought I'd write them down.

One night Molly woke up scrambling to the front of her bed yelling "There's a frog in my bed!" I had to take her out, relax her, and assure her there was no frog in her bed but she had a bad dream. When returning to bed she double checked just in case and said, "oh he's gone."

Another night she was yelling when she woke up and when I went to get her she said, "Dad had a whole cupcake and wouldn't share with me!!"

She had another bad dream about dad one night. She was yelling "Dad!" So dad went in to see her. He said "What's wrong?" She eventually said, "I want mom!" He came and got me and I came in and she told me "I wanted to play a game and dad wouldn't play with me