Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eden and Trey

Eden gets along with her cousin, Trey (with exceptions of course...I mean, they are both 2 year olds after all). During our trip to Oregon they got to spend a decent amount of time with each other.

Trey and Eden stories:

On our trip to Oregon we made a stop halfway through at a motel. The next morning while packing up we all let the kids play. Later we saw the kids...without Trey and Eden. We though, "Where's Eden?" A little bit later my brother in law shows up with Eden and Trey and said, "I saw these two walking out front of the motel together, holding hands." Then Eden said, "Trey was holding my hand to help me down the stairs. Trey is so nice."

Every morning in Oregon when Trey woke up, he came over to our apartment and knocked on the door. And every morning he would say, "Eden?" and we'd say, "She's still sleeping." Followed by a little disappointed face saying, "Oh..."

While having a family dinner outside we looked out to see Trey sitting on the grass. Eden was laying on across his lap with her feet in the air. And Trey was helping her take off her shoes for her. (She's such a princess that likes to be helped with everything).

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