Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its Hard to Stay Angry...

In line at the grocery store I was preparing to use coupons.

I had Eden help me out by holding the coupons for me while I put things on the conveyor belt to purchase.

Eden ripped the coupons in half.

I gave her a "mini-lecture" while in line.

While putting groceries in the car she did something that I told her not to do.

I gave her another "mini-lecture" and told her that since she disobeyed that she wasn't able to get any Veggie Straws (that we had just bought) today.

She got upset.

In the car ride home I started a longer lecture.

Eden: "Mom, you ruined my day!"
Mom: "Sorry, but....(lecture continues)"
(Eden quietly thinks to herself.)
Eden: "Mom, I'm sorry I ruined your feelings."
Mom: "Its OK. Its makes me feel better than you said sorry."
(Eden quietly thinks to herself.)
Eden: "Mom, you ruined my feelings."
Mom: "I'm sorry too. (Talk about consequences, saying sorry, and forgiveness.)
Eden: "Its OK mom. You can still be my friend."
Mom: "Thanks. I'm glad you're my friend."

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