Friday, March 4, 2011

Sign Language

The missionaries are teaching a sign language class once a week for 5 weeks. I signed up.

Yesterday was the first lesson. It was great. Learned a lot of basic rules and a few common greetings as well as the alphabet and numbers.

This morning I wanted to see if I could teach Eden a little bit of what I learned.

Mom: "Eden? Want to learn some sign language? Its how people who can't hear talk to each other."
(Eden just kind of sits there looking at me funny.)
Mom: "This is how you say 'How are you?'." Then you can say "Good." or "Happy." or "Sad." or "Alright." or something else. So, Eden, how are you?"
(Eden beginning to show interest but not sure how to answer.)
Mom: "How do you want to answer? Good? Bad? Happy? Sad?"
Eden: "Exhausted!"

Man, didn't learn THAT one on my first sign language class.

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