Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Humidifiers and Bathtubs

(Hears the bathtub filling up.)
Eden: "I want to take a tubby!"
Mom: "Dad's taking a tub cause he doesn't feel well."
Eden: "Oh."
(Pauses to think.)
Eden: "He's taking a tubby because his lungs don't work very well and so he needs to take a tubby to get some of the water in his lungs to help him get better?"
Mom: "Yep."

We recently borrowed our neighbor's humidifier and she apparently was listened to her father's in depth description of how the humidifier helps your body. Then she was able to relate the humidifier to the bathtub....which is the same principle for both.

I didn't even think of comparing the two. My thought was the simplified version of "because he doesn't feel well". She's good.

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  1. I fully expect Eden to single-handedly cure cancer some day. Plus, would pay money to her how you guys teach her the gospel. Her versions and retention are awesome!