Thursday, February 24, 2011

Standing and a Love for Food

Leila can now get herself from sitting to standing (if she's holding on to something short enough).

And she also has a love for food. Wait, that doesn't describe it. She has an EXTREME LOVE for food. When we sit her down for food at breakfast and dinner, she EAT and EATS. I decided once that maybe we shouldn't give her as much and supplement with breast milk at the end. She wouldn't have it. She only wanted FOOD.

She's found a new love for foods that she can feed herself as well. She loves green beans, baby snacks, bread, ANYTHING.

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  1. Bah! I can't get Afton to eat baby food! She loves waffles and pancakes, bread, muffins etc, but only eats a couple bites of cereal in the morning and a little more for lunch and dinner. I feel like I shouldn't be nursing so much but that's what she wants! Tell Leila not to stand up already- I decided it's too dangerous and no baby should do it... at least for a little while!