Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eden's Valentine

I was teaching preschool for Valentines.

Me: "Who knows what today is?"
Eden: "Valentines Day!"
Me: "Right! Why do we celebrate Valentines Day?"

(Blank stares from kids)
Me: "Its a day to remember to show people that we love them."

Me: "Who are some people we love?"
Roman: "Our family!"
Eden: "Roman!"
Me: "Our family and friends. Exactly."

Me: "So, how do we show that we love them?"
Me: "We can do nice things for them....give hugs and kisses."
(Eden runs over and kisses Roman)

Later that day....

Me: "Eden. Do you like Roman?"
Eden: "Yeah. He's a good boyfriend."

But in her defense I do think she meant "a boy that's a friend". She also named others boys that were friends.

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  1. I think she's gonna be a flirt...
    just a feeling I have. ;)