Thursday, April 8, 2010

Girl's Night

Tyson was out studying all night last night, so Eden and I had a girl's night.

We got pizza, ate upstairs in my bedroom, and watched Arthur.

This isn't THAT abnormal...often when we have a girl's night or Eden and Tyson have a daddy/daughter night then we'll take her upstairs to eat dinner on the floor and watch a show on the computer.

This time she recognized what was going on. As soon as I mentioned pizza she said, "Pizza and eat upstairs?!" She was PUMPED.

We got the pizza and I put it at the top of the stairs. Then I went downstairs to get some plates and cups and things. I heard an unfamiliar noise and went to go see what it was.

Eden was SO EXCITED to have pizza and a movie that she raced up the stairs, grabbed the pizza box, and carried it (sideways...almost dragging it) all the way to our bedroom to the computer.

She was in heaven. And luckily the pizza was only pepperoni and it wasn't damaged while she carried it.

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