Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Peeps

The first thing she says this morning when she wakes up... "Marshmallows?"

The first thing I hear when I ask her what she wants for breakfast... "Marshmallows?"

Randomly throughout the day when I think she's finally forgotten about marshmallows... "Marshmallows?"

Before, during, and after dinner... "Marshmallows?"

Ugh....didn't give her much for Easter...
but what she got, SHE WANTS.

(Unfortunately there were a few tantrums to go along with a few of these episodes when I tell her that she can't have marshmallows right then.)

She finally eased a bit after I told her "You can have a marshmallow when daddy gets home." So, of course a great majority of the day was spent with her saying,
"Marshmallows when daddy gets home."

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