Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today the family went out in the front yard to let Eden run around.

She has been fascinated by the ants (for all of you who know me...I HATE ants with a passion...). But today I actually kind of felt bad for the ants for the first time ever.

Eden's conversation with the ants:

"Ants! I kill them!"
"Ants are scared. Scared of my foot."
"Where is the ant going? Running away."
"Ant hide in the crack."

Then later she decided to be nice to the ants. She picked a dandy lion and kept trying to put the stem in front of the ant saying, "Make a couch for the ant." Of course she wasn't quite fast enough to ever get it in front of the ant and ended up more poking the ant along its way. Poor ants.

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