Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Monologue

*As a warning...this may be a "you had to be there" moment.

While eating at a friend's house Eden started to monologue. (Tyson was studying at school like usual.)

Eden had a VERY concerned look on her face...and you could tell she was very serious about this whole thing....

"In the dark you bonk your head on the wall. And...and...bonk your head and get an owie. And then you have blood and bleeding. And need help from a doctor. Jesus won't help you. Cause you bonk your head on the wall and bleeding. There's blood in your hair....."

(Granted, it was much longer cause she repeated everything about 3 times and went back and forth in her story.)

This probably went on for about 5 minutes...and Eliza and I just laughed (tried to hide it in so not to hurt Eden's feelings because she was OBVIOUSLY very concerned and this was very serious.)

And had I not been laughing and thinking "What in the world is going on in her head?" then I would have made a point out of her "Jesus won't help you" and tell her how Jesus can always help you.

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