Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Rough Few Days

Eden's into "testing her limits". If I tell her not to do something or she knows she's not supposed to do something, then she'll often look straight at me AND DO IT. The punk.

A little list of examples (I'm sure there are more):
  • Swallowing toothpaste
  • Dumping water out on the floor or other places
  • Spitting
  • Saying "NO!"

Leila has decided that she's had enough of her pacifier. She REFUSES to take it and will SCREAM if I try to give it to her. And she doesn't like going to bed. If she sees the signs that its bedtime then she totally go against it.

On the positive side, the past few nap/bed times I've found that if I SING to her, then she's more likely to calm down and eventually go to sleep. *Cross my fingers that it continues*

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