Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Eden has a book that she loves called My Amazing Body.

(This on its own has been funny because she often will say things like "mommy has an amazing body" and I just smile and think "well thank you Eden!")

She also has a beanie baby ghost that she loves, especially now that its Halloween time.

When she woke up from nap today I could hear her her ghost (which she calls Ghost-y).

"Hi Ghost-y.
I have an amazing body.
This is my amazing body.
But you don't have an amazing body
because you're a ghost-y."


  1. I just can't get enough of Eden quotes! She is so awesome!

  2. Wow, she must have learned from some gospel discussions or something. Or that would be a great teaching moment to talk about the Holy Ghost and about why we have bodies and what will happen to our bodies when we die.