Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monster Apples and Mummy Dogs

Today Eden and I made a "Halloween lunch". We made monster apples (cut out a mouth, filled with peanut butter, added marshmallow teeth, raisin eyes, and coconut hair) and mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in strips of croissant rolls).

When she saw the mummy dogs come out of the oven I pretend to have it "walk" to her plate. She laughed and said,

"Lazarus is not dead anymore!"


  1. Ok, really? Eden is the smartest little girl EVER. Seriously.
    I'm proud of you (and her). She is smart! S M R T!

  2. HAHA! With that kind of religious knowledge, she is for sure a RS President in the making!

  3. Where does she get this biblical knowledge? The girl is a savant! This is why we love her.