Wednesday, October 12, 2011


At the library I decided to get Eden a educational book. I lead her to the books about animals and asked her to pick one out. She decided said, "I don't want to learn about animals. I want to learn about this." She handed me a book on Salmonella. She wanted to learn about a disease over animals. Go figure.

Apparently she's been understanding the book.

Today's after dinner conversation.

Eden: "I think I'm sick. I have salmonella."
Mom: "How did you get salmonella?"
Eden: "I ate a raw egg. And you have salmonella."
Mom: "I do?"
Eden: "And dad has salmonella."
Mom: "Oh no, it must have been something I cooked."
Eden: "NO, it was something you DIDN'T cook."

She's got me there.

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