Thursday, October 27, 2011

Going to the Doctor

Eden had a doctor's appointment today. She was very excited. But sad that she didn't need a shot. She was so intent on showing how brave she is.

But she is VERY excited to hear that she gets to have a flu shot.

Note: Story below is more of a bad-mommy-ism

During part of our visit the doctor was trying to be kid-friendly by using the stethoscope to hear her tummy.

Dr: "Oh, I bet that if I listen to your tummy, I could hear what you had for breakfast."
(I hid my head in shame....)
Dr: "Oh, was it...cereal?"
Eden: "No, it was PIE!"

Yes, we had pie for breakfast. Pie and eggs. I'm so ashamed.

1 comment:

  1. Pie is not a bad breakfast. No more sugar than pancakes with syrup. No more fat than bacon or sausage. And sometimes pie includes fruit. Peach or berry cobbler is a standard breakfast at our house.

    No worries!!!