Sunday, October 30, 2011

Garden of Faith

During church I will often have Eden sit on my lap and I'll play with her arm pretending its a garden (planting seeds, sun, rain, etc.) It gets Eden to sit still during sacrament for a while.

A while back we had a lesson on faith and how its like a seed. For part of it we had her "pull out weeds" and name different things that could be weeds in our lives like disobedience and lying and not being nice to everyone.

Today I was doing the garden on her arm and in the middle she said, "Wait, we didn't weed the garden!" So, we weeded the garden and she named off "weeds" in our lives (she would say things like "not doing dishes...that's a mommy weed...not sharing...that's an Eden weed...").

After doing a vegetable garden and flower garden on her arm, Eden said that she wanted the next garden to be a garden of faith.

So, I planted a little garden of faith on her arm.

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