Thursday, October 6, 2011

Leila the Bear (& other noises and words she says)

My ward has an exercise group that gets together 2 times a week. The mom's exercise and they let the kids just run around the gym and play.

Eden, Leila, and another little boy discovered the storage under the shed for tables and chairs. They had climbed inside and I went over to make sure things were OK (and perhaps tell them not to play in there...I can't imagine that place is the safest and cleanest place in the world).

Mom: "Hey guys! What's going on?"
Eden: "Mom! There's a BEAR in here! RUN AWAY!"
(Eden and Roman run out.)

And there sad Leila....not running away from the bear.

Leila: "RAAAAAWR!!!"

Leila was the bear.

Leila loves animals and she does do the noises of a bear, dog, owl, cow, fish, leopard, lion, and whale.

Other than that, she doesn't say much else other than "mom", "dad", "nana" (for banana or other snack), "woah", "oooh", "that", "hi", "up", and "pop". But she does shake her head "yes" and "no" and can let us know plenty of what she's thinking with body language.

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