Thursday, November 15, 2012

Raising Drama

Eden can be such a drama queen.

But I figure that it comes with being a girl....I know that I was the same way when I was little.

The other day, we took a trip to Target and I ended up buying a dollar gift for each of the girls.  Eden wanted these princess rings.  She had ballet later that night and I told her that she shouldn't wear them because they could fall off (they were quite loose on her fingers).  But she INSISTED on wearing one.  I told her, "OK, but if you notice that it gets hard to hold on to the ring then give it to the teacher so you don't lose it."  She agreed.

She ended up giving it to the teacher.

And we forgot the ring and left after ballet class.

After all sorts of drama in the car, there was a little silence...and then....

(Eden starts crying a little)
Eden:  "I'm trying not to cry but I left my ring with my teacher   
The only think with me are my hot candies, 
my blankie, and my tiny little tears!"

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