Thursday, September 27, 2012

Milking It For All Its Worth

(Leila hits her head on the fireplace)
Leila:  "Need bandaid mom!"
Mom:  "You can't put a bandaid between your eyes.  Want some ice?"
Leila:  "Yeah.  Need ice!"
Mom:  "OK."
(Gets ice)
Leila: (sad face) "Need movie.  Make it feel better."
Mom:  "You need a movie to help it feel better?"
Leila: (sad face) " the goldfish."
(Mom laughs a little...and decides to turn it on for her)
Leila: (sad face) "And need b." (blankie)
(Mom gets her b)
Leila: (sad face) "And soft b."  (another soft blanket on her bed)
Mom:  "No.  I think you're ok now."

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