Monday, June 4, 2012

Bullying the Baby

Eden and Leila already bully the new, unborn baby.

Eden LOVES to read my week by week emails from baby center on how big my baby is.  She loves the videos of how my baby is growing.

Last week on baby center it said that the baby can react to light.  If you shine a light on my belly, the baby will move to the other side of my belly.

Eden finds this a fun game.

She grabs her flashlight and will shine in on my belly.  Then on another part of my belly.  And so on.

Leila will occasionally "squish" the baby by sitting on me or climbing on me and I'll say "Oh careful!  You're squishing the baby!"  She finds that funny....and she'll start squishing on purpose.

Hope this is preparing the baby for REAL life with this kids!

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  1. They get tougher the further down the line they show up in the family!