Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Good Example for Mom and Dad

Eden lost a dear friend....Buddy Bear.

We just barely realized he was gone and she's been QUITE upset with spurts of tears here and there.

Last night she remembered that Buddy Bear was lost and burst out into tears.

Eden: "I don't have Buddy Bear!"
Dad: "I think we left him at grandma's house."
Eden: "But I want my Buddy Bear!"
Mom: "I'm sorry hun, there's nothing we can do about it."
Eden: "I need him!"
Dad: "Eden, please stop crying. There's nothing we can do."
Mom: "Its okay, you still have Lamb-y."
(Eden continues to cry)
(Leila goes into her bedroom and finds Lamb-y)
(Runs to give Eden Lamb-y for comfort)
(Eden stops crying)

Leila was such a good example. We just sat there, did nothing, and told her to stop crying. Leila actually got up and did something to help cheer her up.

Thank you Leila. You sure love your sister.

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  1. Sometimes it is the children who set the good example at our house, too.

    Yay for sweet Leila!