Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Eden brought home a paper fish attached to a string....

Grandpa: "Eden, what is that?"

Eden: "A fish!"

Grandpa: "Why do you have a fish?"

Eden: "To go fishing."

Grandpa: "Did you learn a story about fishing today?"

Eden: "Yeah. Cause we learned about Jesus."

Grandpa: "What was the story?"

Eden: "People were fishing and they didn't catch any fish and then they saw Jesus and said, 'We didn't catch any fish!' and he said to go fishing again. Then they caught LOTS of fish and the net almost BROKE!"


Mom: "Then what did Jesus say?"

Eden: "He said, 'WOAH! That's a lot of fish!"


Mom: "Did he say to follow him and become fishers of men?"

Eden: "Oh yeah. And then they became his apostles."

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