Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby Johnny

Eden and Leila's cousin baby Johnny's been in the hospital, very sick. We were able to see him on video chat.

Today Eden wanted to play doctor:

"I'll be the doctor and you be baby Johnny."
(Eden sticks anything "tube like" anywhere she can)
I'm putting tubes in your arms."
(Eden sticks the "shot" in my mouth)
"This is your feeding tube."
(Pushes the shot)
"There's your apples."
(Pushes the shot again)
"There's your squash."
(Pushes the shot again)
"There's your pears"
(Gets the play scissors and tweezers)
"Now we need to do heart surgery."
(Pretends to cut open my chest and fix my heart.)
"There, now you're all better!"

I think Baby Johnny needs Eden as a doctor. She did a really good job. Hang in there baby Johnny. We love you!

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