Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Eden, Leila, and I went to a little indoor playground with my sister, Laura, Trey, baby Ramona, and my mom. We let Trey and Eden go play, while we all ate some lunch.

We watch as Trey helps pull Eden up to higher places than she can't go by herself.

Then Trey comes running.

Trey: "Beefy! Beefy! Come here!"

He grabs me by the finger and leads me to Eden who is in the middle of a climbing area causing a traffic jam.

Me: "Eden, what's going on? Do you need some help?"
Eden: "Mom, Trey needs some encouragement."

A little confused, I try to figure out what's going on.

Me: "You need to keep climbing so other people can go up too."
Eden: "No, I want to get down."
Me: "Ok, let's get you down."

I start to help her down...when Trey grabs me.

Trey: "No! Eden go up!"
Eden: "Trey wants me to go up."
Me: "Do you want to go up?"
Eden: "No, I want to get down!"

I help her down.

Apparently Eden saying Trey needed "encouragement" meant that he needed to be encouraged to let her climb down instead of up.

All I have to ask is....What two year old uses the word "encouragement"? I guess Eden does...


  1. Haha. My whole family does! My nickname has been Beefy since before I can remember. I forget that there are people who don't know that. While on vacation its weirder to hear "Bethany" then "Beef".