Sunday, November 21, 2010

Role Playing

Eden's latest thing is to pretend she is someone from a book or movie that she likes.

Her current favorites tend to be Kipper (a dog from a tv show), Evil Dr. Pork Chop (Toy Story), Frog or Toad (from a book), and Ming Ming (the Wonder Pet). There are others that come and go on occasion....

The only downfall is that she'll make sure I'M also a character from the show. The worst one is from Kipper. His best friend is a pig...named Pig. On "Kipper days" she'll always refer to me as "Pig". "Come over here, Pig.", "Watch me do this, Pig.", "Pig, I need some breakfast."

How NOT flattering....oh well. Its all fun.


  1. Who would of thought that a name like pig would offend you when all your life you've been called "Beef"?

  2. Matt and I laughed SO hard at this. We are all too familiar with Kipper and his friend Pig :)