Sunday, August 29, 2010

9th Article of Faith

At the end of church, I was late coming out because I was helping the primary kids pass off the 9th Article of Faith in order to win prizes in the treasure chest.

Eden saw the prizes and immediately wanted one.

Me: "Sorry Eden. Its for primary."
Eden: "Can I PLEASE have one of those?"
Me: "Those are if you know your articles of faith."
(Eden looks at me with sad and confused eyes.)
Me: "You can only have one if you can say the 9th article of faith."
Eden: (thinks for a second) "The ninth article of faith. Can I have one?"

Me and my big mouth. She said what I told her to say...

Luckily one of the primary girls who passed off her 9th article of faith came up to Eden and said, "I passed mine off but I don't want anything from there. She can have mine." Eden was extremely happy.

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